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Darby Dental Services began way back in May 1909, when Dr. Lloyd H. Darby, Sr. hung his shingle in Vidalia, Georgia.  1909 was the year Novocaine was synthesized.   During a career that spanned 52 years, Dr. Lloyd H. Darby, Sr. saw the introduction of motorized instrumentation, dental x-rays, and the miracle of antibiotics.  Dr. L. Hubert Darby, Jr. joined his father in 1935, the year that dental acrylic was introduced. His 48 years of practice saw the discovery of fluoride, porcelain-fused-to-gold, and the air-driven turbine handpiece.  Dr. Lloyd H. Darby, III earned his degree in 1964, the same year adhesive dentistry, or bonding, was born.  He continued to participate in the technology explosion of the computerized dental practice, implants, lasers, and invisible braces.  Darby Dental Services is one of the oldest businesses in our area, and had remained in the same family until Dr. Jeremy D. Wood purchased the dental practice in January 2012. Dr. Wood hopes that the practice will continue to thrive and prosper as it has in the past for many more years to come.  New patients are always welcome.

Dr. Jeremy D. Wood

Dr. Lloyd H. Darby, Sr.

Dr. L. Hubert Darby, Jr.

Dr. Lloyd H. Darby, III

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